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Damerell Group Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)

Ray White Real Estate Birkenhead

Ray White Birkenhead is your first choice when considering residential and commercial sales or rentals in the Greater Birkenhead and North Shore suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. Our office covers a huge range of real estate including residential modern dwellings or villas and bungalows.

From mansions to minor dwellings Birkenhead has much to offer with its close proximity to the CBD and offers breathtaking views, but also the Ray White Real Estate office that serves the community that has become the place to be for thousands of Aucklanders.

The North Shore suburbs we serve, from Birkenhead, Birkdale, Beachhaven, Northcote and Hillcrest and Glenfield, is a small, unique and increasingly sought after geographic area, with streets of beautifully restored old villas and bungalows to affordable low cost homes, offering close proximity to the city centre, the harbour sea views and the lifestyle increasingly desired by Aucklanders.

Acme Realty Ltd prides itself on being a peoples community office under the guiding hand of Stephen Wong (Principal) with his enthusiasm for the area and his strong local commitment to ethical business principles.

Ray White Birkenhead also dominates the auction market, carrying out more auctions per annum than any other Ray White office on the shore.

With a successful team of dedicated real estate professionals with a collective experience , who all have an excellent knowledge of the Birkenhead market and based upon such sound ethics and principles, it is little wonder that Ray White Birkenhead has so much repeat business from satisfied customers.

Our greatest strength is that although part of a large network, our office is locally owned and our systems and focus are specifically tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of our local community members. Every listing is special and unique.

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Our Team

Stephen Wong

Licensee Agent - Commercial

Stephen Wong, Licensee Agent - Commercial at Ray White Birkenhead

Linda Wong

Business Manager

Linda Wong, Business Manager at Ray White Birkenhead

Andy Roke

Licensee Salesperson

Andy Roke, Licensee Salesperson at Ray White Birkenhead

David Chin

Licensee Salesperson

David Chin, Licensee Salesperson at Ray White Birkenhead

Dolly Lata

Licensee Salesperson

Dolly Lata, Licensee Salesperson at Ray White Birkenhead

Francee Boult

Licensee Salesperson

Francee Boult, Licensee Salesperson at Ray White Birkenhead

Louise Roke

Licensee Salesperson

Louise Roke, Licensee Salesperson at Ray White Birkenhead

Nicky Hattam

Licensee Salesperson

Nicky Hattam, Licensee Salesperson at Ray White Birkenhead

Pav Obradovic

Licensee Salesperson

Pav Obradovic, Licensee Salesperson at Ray White Birkenhead

Petko Petkov

Licensee Salesperson

Petko Petkov, Licensee Salesperson at Ray White Birkenhead

Kirsten Mulligan

Property Manager

Kirsten Mulligan, Property Manager at Ray White Birkenhead