The Sellers Guide to Auctions

Why people should go to auction

The No Price Auction

The benefits of no price

It’s all about the emotional environment that an auction creates. Buyers in the room or on site will feel emotion during the process and the fear of loss will kick in – enabling the best price for you.  No-price campaigns force buyers to engage and compete.

Getting the maximum price for your property with an Auction

Achieving the maximum price

Agents can, through an auction, create an environment where you can maximize your price. Your Ray White agents will create interest from buyers and ensure there’s competition.  Feel rest assured they have done everything they can, to achieve the highest possible price for your property.

Ability for agents to adapt to market changes

Quick Sale / Short Lead Time

We must have an inherent belief that we can sell a property in any market condition. The same clearance rates are possible as long as we adapt to the market state. In softer markets, it’s the relationship between you and the owner that creates the sale. More detailed, intimate and trusting relationships are required.

Sell Your Property under the hammer


Auctions are transparent, as opposed to negotiating behind closed doors, like private treaty. There’s no better way to create competition than at an auction. When buyers can see each other, it can get tense and feel uncomfortable. Buyers are confronted with the fear of missing out, which pushes the price up!

Marketing is the cheapest form of insurance

Marketing is the cheapest form of insurance

Understanding the importance of producing the right marketing campaign is key. Auctions without marketing do not set you up with the opportunity for maximum price. 

An auction campaign  works with a strong cross-media marketing campaign. Print and digital media marketing both play critical roles in a marketing campaign. The marketing reach is broad through digital, but also deep in emotion through print.

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